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PhotoContest Pro is a program designed for Camera Clubs to run digital photo contests. The program manages the tasks of setting up a contest, managing the pictures for a contest, running and scoring the contest, assigning awards, viewing the pictures, and producing data reports.

The program license is assigned to a specific camera club. The program may be used by any member of the club for use within the club only.

The entire process of setting up and running a digital photo contest is fully automated in PhotoContest Pro. The pictures are entered, managed, viewed, scored and assigned awards in a single program. The results are saved and can be used to generate reports. The pictures can be viewed and scored seamlessly together.

Setting up, running and scoring a photo contest is easy with PhotoContest Pro. The program is customizable for the requirements and scoring system of the specific club.
  • Optimized picture display
  • Customizable contest display
  • Customizable awards
  • Customizable reports
  • Automatic end-of-year contest
  • Multi-club contests
  • Support for multiple judging keypads
Pictures are submitted by the individual photographers through this website. The tedium of entering all the pictures, titles and other information manually by the contest coordinator is gone.

We now support optional judging keypads. Each judge would enter a score into an individual keypad and the PhotoContest Pro totals or averages the results for the picture score.

Any usb keypad should work and are available readily. We recommend:
Targus PAUK10U USB Keypad with extra usb port
Mr. Brightside Book Light
Sabrent 4-Port USB Hub
USB extension cable

New in Version 3 and 4 is a feature where a club can put an image gallery and contest results page on their club website by just putting a small bit of code up on the site. The pictures are uploaded from scored contests in PhotoContest Pro with one button click per contest. Click for live examples:
Image Gallery
Contest Results
Note that support for these features are heavily dependent on changing browser capabilities and hosting service features and may be curtailed or discontinued if necessary.

Also new in Version 4 is the capability to synchronize multiple contests in one operation. Many other improvements as well.